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Our stories are all for customers

This is Hayashigo philosophy
and never changes from now on.

In this rapidly changing fashion business,
there are many “surfing business”
that are influenced by the trends.

However, in order to provide truly valuable products
and services to our customers for long turm,
we believe that it is essential to challenge “mountain-creating business”
by creating Hayashigo original products,
not “surfing business” like others.

Furthermore, we will share our dreams with our associates
and business partners at Hayashigo,
and believe that each of us can create a bright
and energetic future.


  • Company name


  • Address

    2-4-20 Motomachi Naniwa-ku Osaka 556-0016 Japan

  • Foundation


  • CEO

    Koichiro HAYASHI

  • Associate


  • Brand

    Gabor, ASH, Monet, FESTA Monet, O’RIC,
    Tout Le Monde

  • Group Company

    HG Active co., ltd
    (logistics center and shoe care product)
    HG Produce Japan co.,ltd
    (consultant and store design)
    NewGo Co., ltd.
    (design and creation)

  • Osaka Headoffice

    2-4-20 Motomachi Naniwa-ku Osaka
    556-0016 Japan



  • Tokyo branch

    2-32-10 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo 111-0032



  • Aoyama showroom

    4-26-12 Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku
    107-0062 Tokyo




  • 1970 Kenji Hayashi started his own business named as Hayashigo-Syokai.
  • 1976 Hayashigo-Syokai was reorganized as Hayashigo co., ltd.
  • 1979 The head office was built in Osaka.
  • 1983 The sales office was set up in Tokyo.
  • 1986 Hayashigo starts new company “Shoes Clinic 105 co., ltd.,” which handled shoe care and consulting business.
  • 1987 The sales office in Tokyo was upgraded to Tokyo branch.
  • 1991 HGPJ Division was started to provide consulting services for shoe business (store openings, sales promotion and so on).
  • 1992 “The design room MONET” was established.
  • 1998 Hayashigo began to distribute Gabor in Japan as exclusive.
  • 2000 A logistic center UH support co., ltd was jointly established.
    Hayashigo opened their first Gabor shop in Osaka.
  • 2001 Shoes Clinic 105 co., ltd. transformed its name to HG Active co., ltd.
  • 2002 The first Tout Le Monde shop was opened in Osaka.
  • 2006 HGPJ Division was separated and independent as HG Produce Japan co., ltd.
  • 2007 Hayashigo began to distribute ASH in Japan as exclusive.
    First MONET shop was opened in Kumamoto and started spreading their stores across the country.
  • 2008 New showroom was located at Aoyama, Tokyo.
  • 2009 The first ASH shop was opened at Shinjuku, Tokyo.
  • 2010 The first outlet shop was opened in Kobe.
  • 2019 The second outlet shop was opened at Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.
  • 2020 Hayashigo celebrated their 50th anniversary.